Sunday, December 28, 2008

White stuff falling from the sky

Hubby is sooo funny.....all he keeps saying is that he wanted a white Christmas. We did have a white Christmas we has snow on the 23rd that fell and we went over by Mom & Dad's again to remove the snow. Well guess who was hurting by the "white"???? Yeah, dear ole hubby....might have something to do with the fact we did not use the snow blower and just used the shovels. For those of you who do not know much about snow...there are different types of snow. There is the powderery type (when shoveling this stuff gets caught in the air and comes back in your face). There is heavy wet snow a real b%&^* to shovel......I remember my Dad saying take this type of snow in layers. I also remember thinking to myself doing it this way I will be out here fooooorrrrreeeeevvvveeeerrrrrrr!!!!!! The last type of snow I can think of right now is the snow that packs in shelves and is hard to remove from the sidewalks.......oh speaking of sidewalks why is it that in the summer when you are walking on them side by side with friends they are very slim and someone always ends up walking partily on the grass, but in the winter when you have to shovel them they seem like they are a mile wide???????

BAck to the part about hubby hurting himslef it might have something to do with the fact I went into the house to get a glass of water.............and to warm up a wee bit.

Yesterday it was 50 degrees and there went all of the snow that was outside. Guess who is looking for more snow?????????

Saturday, December 13, 2008

At it again

Well have you missed me yet?

Here is something I have been working mind you that is not all I have been working on. I have been knitting hats, crocheting mittens, crocheting scarfs. crocheting Round Ripple baby afghans and making hat, mitten and scarf sets. So see I have been busy.

But for the longest time I have wanted to make a scrap ghan but did not really have a special pattern in place. But someone over at Crochetville shared a star granny pattern and I choose this pattern to use.

Let me know what you think........just not 100% sure where it is going to. If you have any suggestions, I'll give it some thought

Friday, October 31, 2008

Baby Afghans for St Charles

Today the Baby Afghans are going to Mom's Church St Charles

They do a drive for the "un-wed Mothers" such an old fashion word for the PC world we live in

Anyway I wanted some babies to feel love and secure when they come home

I was able to take advantage of the nice weather we are having (it was very chilly for awhile there) and hung them on the line to take the pictures. The RR's looked goofy haning on the line so I took those indoors. ]

I love the look of the self striping yarn from Bernet, especially the melon one. I might have to go back and get some more. However now that Walmart has discontinued much of their yarn they carry I might not be able to get my hands on some. They took about two skeins each

I believe the other RR was made with yarn I picked up on clearance. The teal one is Simply soft when Walmart carried it in 12 oz skeins. I think I picked that up on clearace also. Man I love those sale yarns :)

Thanks for looking

Oct Square Challenge complete

If you recall I was going to make squares for October for FA Awareness over at Crochetville?

Well I just posted the fact that I made 52 total squares.....I wish I had done better but I did have a few other things that needed my attention this month........Man if I could just get out of work more often, hire a maid to take care of the household and well I am sure you can guess the rest, many crafters wish for the same thing ........MORE TIME!!!!!

Here are the squares, I hope you enjoy them. I used the book 200 blocks by Jan Eaton (given to me by my spring secret the book thanks Joyce!!)

And then I fell back on ole' reliable friend the granny squares :)

I love them all and as you can see the circle in the square was one of my fav's
Thanks for looking

Monday, October 20, 2008

A visit by a Fairy God Mother

I came home from work last Thursday ....... needless to say it was a horrible day, I can not wait for the new catalog to be wrapped up and off to the printer.

Back to having a Fairy God mother, came home from work and on my couch is a box addressed to me. Right away DH says "are you getting squares again????" No I quickly reply, next question is are you in another swap? He likes when I am in those I tend to go hog wild and load up the house with "oh I think my swap partner will like this" again off track...............

I opened the box and here is what I received, a hand carved Bacote Rosewood Sz N Crochet hook, it is beautiful. A bag of dark chocolate Hershey kisses, a box of spice plum tea, and a Autumn themed bear. I feel soo blessed to have been on the mind of someone in Davenport Indiana
Posted my thank you on Crochetville......
I can not wait to use the hook for wonderful works of love
Thank you again FG

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New square challenge

For the month of October the challenge is to make 8" squares for the FA Awareness run at FA Awarenewss is near and dear to Jimbos heart. The group is run by the famous Angelfire, the same wonderful person who is collecting squares for a cure for cancer. You can see the squares I made with the Jimbo hook below.

Now I want to let you know that I really like making squares and I really like changelles so when I get to combine these two I excited. I have defintely have enough yarn (you can check with Mr Yarn Aholic), have the hooks and the scissors are sharp.
I have no idea how many I will be working on but I am ready

Here is the start after two days I have 8 - 8" squares.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family Vacation

Hubby staring out over the lake Michigan

Here is a picture of where we stayed
Had a wonderful weekend and came home well rested :)

2008 Olympic Challenge

I did it I got the gold medal

See above for the start and finish of the ghans

My goal was to assemble 4 ghans. I had the squares already completed however I needed to weave in the ends and assemble. I choose to start with the easy one first. The orange ghan that one had 48 ends to weave in, I was also concerned that I would run out of aran color yarn. Found one in my stash - phew. The orange yarn is Perfect match orange and the aran used was TLC Essentials. This one will be going to Victoria's Sweet Blankies charity. Next one worked on I decided to weave in the ends first before assembly (well over 200 ends to weave in) one thing I wanted in this ghan was each square had to have at a minimum 2 colors - I assembled with Perfect Match Black used the continuos join assembly method found on Crochet Cabana website. Not 100% sure where this one is going to. Next one to assemble was the pink one, I had pink squares and needed to find additional solids in my stash of squares to match. Yarn used for assembly was Caron Off White Pounder, yarn for squares were Caron Pounders Country Rose, Dk Violet, Perfect Match Cornmeal and RH SS Blue. Used the continous joining method again, woven in 96 ends, again not 100% sure where this will go to. The two charities that these will go to are: Sissy's Seniors and Project Rest Assured. The last ghan assembled is for me - squares used are from Joyce in the Spring Secret Pal on Crochetville. Method of joining is similar to the Lattice Techinque found on the Crochet dude's website. Used Caron Brown Pounder and TLC Essentials Aran for joining.

All in all I woven in over 450 ends on all 4 ghans.....

Off to collect the gold medal......................

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Traveling scarf - knit

Traveling Scarf knit

Traveling scarf is knit - yes I know you are use to seeing crochet projects on this site. But knitting is part of me too...........A group of ladies at Just 4 Ewe are doing a traveling scarf. We all started with our own scarf cast on 44 stitches and do a rib of knit 2 purl 2, after we get to 7" we head back to J4E and drop off our scarf and pick up the next one. We have two teams (I am on team one along with Lois, Kim, Martha and a few others) Martha has my scarf now .....
We also get to put a little something in the bag of the person who's bag we receive.
Oh and one other thing we made journals last week and they accompany the scarf for comments, or what ever we would like to put in it.

I will continue to take pictures of the scarfs that I get to work on before I trade them in

Happy travels little scarf I will see you when you are complete :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oasis wrap made for Fiona (mumbles17)

Here is the wrap

Close up of work

Here is the wrap I made for Fiona (Mumbles 17) at Crochetville for our Summer Secret Pal Swap
This was made with Caron Naturally - Spa color: Ocean Spray same as on pattern. I knew as soon as I saw this new yarn was available I had to make the wrap for my secret pal. I was thinking this would be perfect and lightweight (she lives in AZ) I don't think she'll be using it until it is closer to fall. The yarn was a delight to work with it is a Bamboo mix - I wased it before sending and I was a wee bit neverous about it but as you can see (this is fresh out of the washer) that it is still wonderful. I would like to work with it again however I would like to make my self a soft scarf. Not necessarily a winter one but one that I could use in the fall/spring when you are not yet wearing winter coats.
Oh the pattern
There are a lot more lovely patterns on this web site - more colors of yarn at the store (in my area only available at Joann's)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Small gripe about being neighborly

Ok so normally I try to keep to my side of the "fence" not be to noisy around the neighborhood....leave that to DH and the lady downstairs. I'll pump them for the information if I really want to know about it.
Anyway the other night by 2ndDD, DH and I are coming home from Germanfest - had a great time by the lake. We happen to be at the 4 way stop that people have been known to blow through. I see some flames on a lawn, no one around, not normally a fire pit (nor are these people known to be outside in the evening)
So I say to DH and DD "Hey, his lawn is on fire" Their looking andeeing nothing - the flame I saw was approx. a fist size. But I can kind of see some trails of smoke. Hubby says "Awww taint nothin, lets go home"
Get home 1st DD says "Mom I'm hungry can you run me to Mc D's?" Sure another chance to spy on the fire I'm thinking.
We both see a red glowing spot on the ground - this guy is burning out a tree stump.
So I head to his front door - now mind you it is going on 10 pm.....
He comes to the door and acts like I am bothering him when I mention his lawn is on fire and maybe he should take a look at it............
I feel great because I "saved" the neighorhood from burning down....shouldn't Smoky the Bear be happy???
Next day I happen to drive past this yard again.....this JACK! has wheelbarrows and lawn chairs around the stump with plastic bags on them ..... so no one sees the glowing embers.

What at JACK, next time I will just call the Fire Department and let the home owners deal with a fine for doing a burn, that is unattended, has not been approved or what ever else they might stick him with

Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Camp

I took part in another Secret Pal on the Crochetville site. I had a blast, we had all different things to do at virtual camp, from figuring out who is this - with sent in baby pictures, a scavenger hunt every week, id the flora and fauna (some were really tricky)

Good thing we did not have to give instructions on short sheeting - I don't even understand the concept of short sheets yet alone how it would be created....ahh well

My secret pal was Briana or known on the 'ville as luckybmr - she is such good story teller. She told us about her alpacas Alphonse and Allie...they went to camp with us and fell head over heals in love LOL. Not only is she a great story teller but a super secret pal

I found out that she sent her very first doily made to me, as you can see from the photo she did an awesome job - looks like she has been doing this for ages :)

Here are photos of the gifts that were sent by Briana through out the swap-

I really have been blest with two great swap partners since I started partaking in the secret pals - I just hope that I have been a good provider for my secret pal...can not say who I have yet her package will be there on Tuesday

I have some pictures of the crocheted items I made for her

Friday, May 9, 2008

May Ghans for Project rest assured

Here the ghans that were sent to Ohio for Project Rest Assured. This is a charity that makes ghans for children in foster care. We feel that as the children move around in the system, changing families, homes, school settings, neighborhoods we feel there is one thing that is theirs and can comfort them. I guess everyone needs a security blanket

Enjoy them. they were assembled with love

Back to Charity work

Here are some recent squares sent out

6", 8" and 12" totaling 110 squares....can't wait to see the final results once they are assembled

They have been sent to Detroit for the Childrens Hospital, New York for Eldery abuse and North Carolina for a Nursing Home.

Had to fix the Pix

I just fix the pix from Secret Pal
Sorry about that, created a new folder in Photobucket and moved the original pix

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Great Leaping Lizard's Crochetville Secret Pal Swap

I was in my first ever secret pal swap and I have to say that if this is what happens with secret pal swaps........I am sooooo doing it again

First emails flying back and forth do you like .??? what about?? have you ever thought of?? What was discovered is that I tell people oh I am sooo easy to buy for why do you have a problem you know what I like. I guess I was way off base, the first thing that was pointed out was that I do not do things for myself. I crochet for others and I do plan on doing things but somehow it lands in someone elses hands.

This is the first package received by my UKSP (unknown Secret Pal) received was a pen, vanilla bath salts and a tote---who doesn't need a tote especially if you are a crafter. And it is large enough to carry a WIP (Work in Progress)

Here is the second package that was received by my UKSP sent by a fellow Crochetville member...hand made stitch markers. Beautiful and in a color that is spot on in my colors of choice. Thank-you Vicktoria -shown on a square I was working on for Hooking for a Cure

The third package had a doily (my UKSP handmade and stated it was her first time working with thread) I have to say at this point she inspired me to make one for my secret pal. Just to let you know my Secret pal did not get a thread project, I could not make it work....maybe I should blame the pattern. Yes that's it the pattern was written bad. Sorry off topic, back to the package, a doily, a journal, vanilla candle, letter K sticky notes, note cards, chocolate bugs, and a project pull here is a close up of the doily

Here is package number 4 (notice what it is sitting on???)

Then came the UKSP sent daffodils through Fed Ex.....WOW and the day it came was a day after one of the largest snow falls. How perfect to see a bit of color and the reminders of spring with the cold and snow........I love her!!!

Package 5

Next package was a pamper myself pack, filled with all kinds of goodies, Truffle bar, Doves Chocolates, pedicure set, body scrub, body lotion, bath gel, bath salts and bubble bath Vanilla scented. Two project pulls, Nora Roberts books, book marker (again handmade), herbal tea, coffee cup with a clue on it (she's a journalist - oh, oh now I have to watch how I write my thank-yous and other conversations LOL) a heat package for soothing sore muscles with a scent rice package - too cute it has lizards on it.....the name of group the leaping lizards and a small clue about the reveal package a tan square.........

Package 6 ( I know I could not believe it either) way too much spoiling -----hello darling husband do you see some special treatment going on??

This was a kitchen themed package, homemade scrubbies, dishclothes, the cutest dress (I would say a pot holder??) To pretty to use for that I may make them a fridge. Chocolate bunnies, "to do" list, sachets, receipe box with cards (included are two receipes-looking forward to trying them) coffee, coasters, vanilla candles ~ I love candles :)

At the end of 8 weeks comes reveal package and know you'll know who your secret pal is.

I have been honored to receive all of these things made just with me in mind. I have been on the receiving end of a true friend and that is the underlying reason I wanted to join the swap. I have read on Crochetville of the friendship that comes from Swap partners. And to be honest with you to have someone to talk to about the art and craft of crocheting (heaven to me) my family just nods and smiles when I talk about my passion and why I do crochet: to make someone feel special and that is what I have felt during this entire SWAP.

Here is the reveal package, my secret pal is Joyce (jmccrochet) at crochetville, she lives in Indiana and is a very sweet person and I appreciate the fact that I was partnered up with her

Thank you moderators :)

Included were 19 squares (the 20th in package #5) for a friendship ghan, a gift card to purchase the yarn for assembling, hooks, a hook case, yarn cutter, pattern pulls, vanilla candle, doves chocolates with almonds (mmmmm), Starbucks truffles, a yellow tote, note pad, and Jan Eatons 200 crochet blocks (perfect for my charity work) and a Jimbo chopstick hand carved wooden hook.

Here are the close up of the squares (I have included photos of the jimbo hook with them)

Thank you Joyce!!!! I loved the entire time and look forward to a growing friendship

Friday, February 29, 2008

a few things about Feb 2008

I am part of the secret pal cal at Crochetville and have been receiving lots of questions from my inknown partner......that is getting my mind to wonder what it is that will end up in my package
Then in turn I am asking many questions to my Secret pal
I have enjoyed all of the communications
I would say more but then my Secret pal may know who I am ........ don't want to ruin the surprise

PS just in case anyone wanted to know....... I have offically determined that I am tired of the snow and cold that has been our winter here in Wisconsin. I no longer want to beat the record of most snowiest winter ...... we can stay at the level we are. I no longer wish to hear the sound of the snow blowers or to see the snow covered trees, hear the crunching of snow under foot....... see the gleam of the full moon over the vast white lawns!!! I now want to see some green and not the green going out of my pockets to get the cars washed to remove the salt, or the green to get the cars repaired from driving over and through the potholed streets. I am trying to remember what a lawn mower sounds like, the curtains blowing as the fresh air comes in through the windows..... to sit outside with a cup of tea at the end of the night while listening to crickets

I know Spring is around the corner but this corner sure is taking a long time to get around!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

oh man I am a bad blogger

I have been a bad blogger, I guess I need to pay more attention to this?? I will need to update with finished projects and new WIP's. May have to start a "on my hook" or what I am reading ???? Then again I might be gone for 6 more months????