Monday, July 28, 2008

Small gripe about being neighborly

Ok so normally I try to keep to my side of the "fence" not be to noisy around the neighborhood....leave that to DH and the lady downstairs. I'll pump them for the information if I really want to know about it.
Anyway the other night by 2ndDD, DH and I are coming home from Germanfest - had a great time by the lake. We happen to be at the 4 way stop that people have been known to blow through. I see some flames on a lawn, no one around, not normally a fire pit (nor are these people known to be outside in the evening)
So I say to DH and DD "Hey, his lawn is on fire" Their looking andeeing nothing - the flame I saw was approx. a fist size. But I can kind of see some trails of smoke. Hubby says "Awww taint nothin, lets go home"
Get home 1st DD says "Mom I'm hungry can you run me to Mc D's?" Sure another chance to spy on the fire I'm thinking.
We both see a red glowing spot on the ground - this guy is burning out a tree stump.
So I head to his front door - now mind you it is going on 10 pm.....
He comes to the door and acts like I am bothering him when I mention his lawn is on fire and maybe he should take a look at it............
I feel great because I "saved" the neighorhood from burning down....shouldn't Smoky the Bear be happy???
Next day I happen to drive past this yard again.....this JACK! has wheelbarrows and lawn chairs around the stump with plastic bags on them ..... so no one sees the glowing embers.

What at JACK, next time I will just call the Fire Department and let the home owners deal with a fine for doing a burn, that is unattended, has not been approved or what ever else they might stick him with

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