Monday, October 20, 2008

A visit by a Fairy God Mother

I came home from work last Thursday ....... needless to say it was a horrible day, I can not wait for the new catalog to be wrapped up and off to the printer.

Back to having a Fairy God mother, came home from work and on my couch is a box addressed to me. Right away DH says "are you getting squares again????" No I quickly reply, next question is are you in another swap? He likes when I am in those I tend to go hog wild and load up the house with "oh I think my swap partner will like this" again off track...............

I opened the box and here is what I received, a hand carved Bacote Rosewood Sz N Crochet hook, it is beautiful. A bag of dark chocolate Hershey kisses, a box of spice plum tea, and a Autumn themed bear. I feel soo blessed to have been on the mind of someone in Davenport Indiana
Posted my thank you on Crochetville......
I can not wait to use the hook for wonderful works of love
Thank you again FG

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