Friday, February 29, 2008

a few things about Feb 2008

I am part of the secret pal cal at Crochetville and have been receiving lots of questions from my inknown partner......that is getting my mind to wonder what it is that will end up in my package
Then in turn I am asking many questions to my Secret pal
I have enjoyed all of the communications
I would say more but then my Secret pal may know who I am ........ don't want to ruin the surprise

PS just in case anyone wanted to know....... I have offically determined that I am tired of the snow and cold that has been our winter here in Wisconsin. I no longer want to beat the record of most snowiest winter ...... we can stay at the level we are. I no longer wish to hear the sound of the snow blowers or to see the snow covered trees, hear the crunching of snow under foot....... see the gleam of the full moon over the vast white lawns!!! I now want to see some green and not the green going out of my pockets to get the cars washed to remove the salt, or the green to get the cars repaired from driving over and through the potholed streets. I am trying to remember what a lawn mower sounds like, the curtains blowing as the fresh air comes in through the windows..... to sit outside with a cup of tea at the end of the night while listening to crickets

I know Spring is around the corner but this corner sure is taking a long time to get around!!!!!

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