Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 years charity projects

As I reflect on all that I have done this year and the changes that have been made, I want to give thanks to those who have allowed me to continue my path of charity projects. First and foremost the Lord above for His talent He has given me, and the patience He has given my precious husband.
We are now empty nesters after 28 years and have two extra bedrooms. My thought was to change one into my craft room and decorate with that thought. The other room is now a guest room (have no idea why as we rarely have anyone wanting to do a "sleep over" including the birds that have left the nest. lol
For the Veterans
I have gently taken over the dresser and tv stand with newly acquired yarn (yes you leave them behind I move in.. like a squatter) longingly look at the closets wishing they were emptied so I can move more into them.
Below are the items I have donated to charities this year, I have not capatured all of the donations but feel this is a far share. Those receiving my donations: Veterans, Children and recently a place in the area that has needs for newborns (un-real that there are areas here in the USA -one of the riches placest on earth)

All these baby items went to my Mothers church for their "baby shower"

For the Children at the Letter Carrier Christmas Party
For the Children at the Letter Carrier Christmas Party

Hats for the Veterans
Hats for the Veterans

A lot of the hats made were made on a knitting machine call Innovations, after doing 2-3 a night, hand making them on knitting needles is much slower. LOVE that machine.
That takes me back to those I am thankful to that would be my fibre friends Jan at Just 4 Ewe (for the use of the knitting machine) and to Betsy for the donation of the yarn (she determined that working with yarns and fibre has been very hard on her hands and has decided to end that part of her lives journey)
To those who will recieve my donations I pray they keep you warm and know that when I was making them I was thinking of you and praying that some how you know there are those who love you and pray for your strenght in this time of need.  I look forward to working on more in the future!

Hats for the Veterans

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