Saturday, July 14, 2007

YIKES!!!! and then some

The goal from last week was met I won 2nd place for the week, in the stash busting on crochetville. Then it happened.......a box came into work from a yarn mfg. I walked it over to the product manager and in a causal comment over the shoulder "Hey if there is something in there I might like....keep me in mind" There was.....38 skeins later I am now sitting in the negatives for this to really set the score high I went out and purchased some yarn for my baby round ripple (RR). Totally killing all my work of stash busting. But I am sooo okay with this :)

Now I want you to know I did go through my stash looking for a soft lavendar or a mint green to use on the baby RR, but no luck.......however I did find quite the stash of balls that can be busted down into granny squares or grannies daughters. I will be working on that next weekend.

I have a large bag of goodies going to mom for her church - baby blankies, bibs and hats, pictures are shown above. Somehow that last step of "departure" never seems to get off the ground when I complete something.

Have a great week!!!!

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