Monday, June 25, 2007

New ghans on their way to Ohio's PRA

Tomorrow a box will be open and 7 new ghans will be presented to PRA (Project Rest Assured) This is a yahoo group that takes squares both crocheted and knitted and joins them together for ghans for teens in foster care in the Ohio area. Squares made by members have ranged in sizes from 6" to 12" and in a varied of colors and patterns. I lay them out for color combinations and many times I have to call in my youngest daughter to arrange and pick the approiate colors for the end product. She has a wonderful since of color choice and placement. Yes.... I can do the simple ones (ie: Red, yellow and blue or green, blue or even match some of the colors in the verigated yarns) but the ones that really are different I have to turn those over to the color aficionado, and trust her with the colors that are choosen and I know they will turn out perfect.
She has provided me with wonderful color combinations and groupings.

Another way is to adopt and entire ghan this way you choose the yarn and colors and pattern ....
One is shown as a June ghan below

Funny how you look for something to do and once inside a group it spins into a mad compulsion. Not one that I am angry with this ... but instead obsessed with and it soon takes over your free mind cells....I love it!! I try to figure out color schemes for the completed ghans which I like to call "works of love" WOL as I stand in front of yarn sales or in front of my stash......
But when you start dreaming of it well......thats when you know when your hooked (no pun intended)

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